City Inspired Schalke and PSG

City Inspired Schalke and PSG

City Inspired Schalke and PSG

Barcelona – Appearance Schalke 04 and Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 drawn raves. Inspired by the two teams, Manchester City hoping to beat Barcelona.

In the middle of last week, Schalke came home to Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu. The Royal Blues initially predicted would not be too troublesome Madrid because when performed at home only to lose 0-2.

But, in fact, able to distort Schalke all predictions. They are without a load and make Madrid scrambling in public Bernabeu. Schalke finally won 4-3, but Madrid who qualified for the quarter-finals with a 5-3 aggregate advantage.

A day later, turn PSG who steal the show. The French club dramatically rid of Chelsea despite wedged in the match at Stamford Bridge. They lost Zlatan Ibrahimovic since the first round, twice behind, but twice is also capable of scoring a reply. Score 2-2 PSG enough to pass to the quarterfinals.

City feel challenged to make a great story like Schalke and PSG. The Citizens determined to do so at the Camp Nou on Thursday (19/03/2015) pm dawn.

City of Barca’s 1-2 defeat at the first meeting held at the Etihad Stadium. To qualify, they must win by at least two goals in the Camp Nou.

“Everyone has been ruled out of Schalke before they face Real Madrid, but they won 4-3 and could have scored again which will pass them. No one guessed it,” said City playmaker David Silva, on the official club website.

“There are many who think the PSG will be able to beat Chelsea, in particular only with ten players for a long time. So, I know that anything can happen, not just in the Champions League but also in every game,” said Silva.

“Everyone is predicting Barca will qualify, but hopefully we can give a good penamplan. We do not feel any pressure because we were behind and play away,” he said.

The same is expressed by teammate Silva, Fernandinho. He calls the appearance of Schalke and PSG has inspired City.

“Last week, there are two teams that play with the characters in the cage opposite and our target is to do the same,” said Fernandinho.

“Schalke and PSG performed very well and our team may be inspired by the two teams and their results. Perhaps it would be of little help. But, even more important is to make sure we do our job, to show our game, play against Barca at the level of the together and trying to win, “he said.