Continues to Avoid Death Zone, Time Dortmund Pursue Eurozone?

Continues to Avoid Death Zone, Time Dortmund Pursue Eurozone?

Continues to Avoid Death Zone, Time Dortmund Pursue Eurozone?

Dortmund – Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga kept away from the death zone and now even creep towards the euro zone. There are allegations that that is now going to try pursued Dortmund in the rest of the season.

This season Dortmund must be willing to become familiar with death zone. In a number of weeks Die Borussen even have to be a caretaker. Until the 20th week, Dortmund is still entrenched in the top 16, which is a death zone.

However, after the climb stairs after another. Thanks to seven games undefeated, with five of them in victories, Dortmund now occupies the 10th position with 33 points.

In the latest game, Dortmund won 3-2 achieved at the headquarters of Hannover, Saturday (03/21/2015) night. The result was at once to finish a series of two draw.

Now there is a distance of eight points of the nearest death zone. On the other hand there are only five points separating Dortmund with the European zone – the top six, to get to the Europa League third qualifying.

With the current situation, if there is reasonable to believe that it is time to change the focus Dortmund; from a previous save themselves now become a place in Europe.

“I like to answer his own question,” said Dortmund coach Juergen Klopp at Dortmund’s official website web page when asked if he had set a specific target now that his team kept away from the death zone.

“Now we are eight points above the relegation zone and no longer exist in the middle of it. But we are not already guaranteed to achieve a maximum six points from two next party. Our plan is to continue to achieve simple point by point.”

“Since the winter break we’ve scored 18 points and only lost one. We’ll just focus on other things at the moment mathematically avoid relegation,” he said.

In the next two games Dortmund will face Bayern Munich standings and then Borussia Moenchengladbach who are attempting to secure a place in the top four.