Matic increasingly Enchanting

Matic increasingly Enchanting

Matic increasingly Enchanting

London – Had wasted, Nemanja Matic just so important element in Chelsea. Their performance on the field shows how sorry Jose Mourinho knows that ‘The Blue’ never sell it.

Chelsea bought Matic originally from clubs in Serbia, Kosice, in August 2009 at a price of 1.5 million pounds. At the age of 21 years when it was not much that could be done Matic, especially the Premier League is relatively new for him.

Only three appearances throughout the season, Matic then loaned to Vitesse Arnhem next season. When the Chelsea still held by Carlo Ancelotti. However, only 1.5 Matic season under contract as a Chelsea player before Ancelotti decided to sell it to Benfica in January 2011, as part of the purchase of David Luiz.

In Benfica’s ability as a defensive midfielder Matic increasingly honed and he led the club won the league trophy Portugal, Portuguese Cup and Europa League runners-up. In the club was quite productive with donations Matic 9 goals from 98 appearances.

Action Matic with Benfica then attract Mourinho, who without doubt thrusting funds worth 21 million pounds in January last year, to bring him back to Stamford Bridge.

In this second period Matic own company Mourinho favorite players. In the manager’s favorite 4-2-3-1 formation, occupant position as double pivot Matic irreplaceable. Just look at the 55 appearances and three goals for this year proves how important the 26-year-old footballer.

Moreover, since the departure of Michael Essien, Chelsea did not have a defensive midfielder who qualified to make David Luiz when it played at the position.

For this season, Whoscored noted that the average Matic makes 4.3 tackles per game success, successful intercept of 2.1 per game, 2.4 clearances per game, and 2.3 dribel per game, in its duty to protect the back four behind .

Naturally, if Mourinho then questioned why Ancelotti had the heart to sell players like Matic three years ago, which makes Chelsea have to spend a fortune to bring him back to London.

“If I am here, there is a left-handed player – got 195 cm tall, plays midfielder, will never, ever, ever, even let him go,” said Mourinho told the Daily Star.

“I think Chelsea are very brave bring it back here. If in this football world you want to do the best for the club, you would not think much about your reputation, you will not preclude themselves from criticism that there is,” he continued.

“You would only want to think the best. And then we need a midfielder.”