‘Yellow Submarine’ Requested Smart and Play with Heart

‘Yellow Submarine’ Requested Smart and Play with Heart

'Yellow Submarine' Requested Smart and Play with Heart

Villarreal – Villarreal Barcelona took the victory for the sake of getting rid of the Copa del Rey. To do so, the ‘Yellow Submarine’ was asked by his coach to smart and play with heart.

Villarreal lost 1-3 in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final at home to Barca. To reverse the situation, they have to win by a score of at least 2-0 in the second meeting held at El Madrigal on Thursday (03/05/2015) pm dawn.

Villarreal coach Marcelino Garcia Toral, quite optimistic his team can reach the final. He also hoped the game goes according to the script.

“Not only play with heart, we also have to be smart. We should not be obsessed with scoring two goals. We have to be motivated to show our game and win every ball. We are not supposed to think about the final – every effort should be devoted to the game,” said Marcelino as quoted by AS.

“We will give everything we have on the field. We want to win the game with our own ideas about how to live this semifinal – solid at the back, a bold, precise and fast when attacked,” he continued.

“It is a different game for us because we had a chance to get a place in the final. We are within 90 minutes of doing that. But first we have to beat an opponent who has the highest level,” said Marcelino.

“Reaching the final would be the best thing that happened to us in football. It was a dream that came to mind everyone here. Fate written. I believe it and we must devote all our energy into this match. The logic is not always decisive in football and I believe that destiny can make it happen, “he said.