Salary Players in Early Season 2015 had fallen into arrears Clubs

Salary Players in Early Season 2015 had fallen into arrears Clubs

Salary Players in Early Season 2015 had fallen into arrears Clubs

Jakarta – The widely rumored that many ISL clubs that have not paid the salaries of the players for the (early) summer of 2015. Consequently, there is a club that used to dismiss a player activity.

Is Persija Jakarta who have declared “off” used up before the competition resumes. Since yesterday the players did not follow the practice session at the will of the collective and club management approval.

“Yeah, yesterday children did ask me for permission to speak with management. And yesterday management also love to know me to dismiss this team up again ahead of the competition rolled out, because not know how long,” said the Liverpool manager, Rahmat Darmawan, when contacted detiksport by phone on Tuesday (04/14/2015).

That there is a problem the payment of salaries of players already admitted by the chairman of Liverpool, Ferry Paul. And according to him, who experienced the same thing is not just a club, but also a lot of other clubs. Information gathered indicates that the editors did.

“Yes (not paid three months), because it has not gone down the fund sponsor. The competition is not it is not rolling, all hostage,” Ferry said as quoted by CNN Indonesia (13/4). “Almost all clubs, not just us. If all on track, no problem.”

When asked if the arrears are also happened to him, Coach RD replied diplomatically.

“Let it be a domain, yes. The secret to me. It may be asked to management, as matters related to this case, everything is handed over to the management. I have no right to comment,” he said.

As is known –dan still be polemik–, of the 18 clubs who enroll for the ISL 2015, there are two that are otherwise not pass the verification of Professional Sports Agency of Indonesia (BOPI), which Arema Cronus and Persebaya.

BOPI verification includes the legality, financial, (contract) players / officials professional, coaching a young age, as well as social responsibility football club.

Related to player salaries, which is verified by BOPI so far is proof of payment by the club for the previous season (2014). While the issue of unpaid salaries of the players today are for the current season (2015).