Twice in Gocek Luis Suarez, David Luiz Graded Shown as Boy 8 Years

Twice in Gocek Luis Suarez, David Luiz Graded Shown as Boy 8 Years

Twice in Gocek Luis Suarez, David Luiz Graded Shown as Boy 8 Years

Paris – David Luiz receives harsh criticism for his performance as his team, Paris Saint-Germain, losing 1-3 over Barcelona in the Champions League quarterfinal first leg.

Luiz fell replace Thiago Silva in the 21st minute of the match at the Parc des Princes on Thursday (16/04/2015) pm dawn. He then twice digocek Barca striker Luis Suarez, each of which also led to the goal.

About 10 days ago Luiz get a hamstring injury but it is considered not an excuse by Glenn Hoddle, the former tactic peracik number of clubs who also worked on the English national team and now an analyst for Sky Sports.

“Even when not 100%, you can not play like that,” said Hoddle was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“He was the last player when Suarez received the ball and started running towards him. He realizes that he is the last player and the last thing (which you should do) when finished last player is a direct hit. You have to bide time until your peers come. He appeared like a boy of 8 years who have not been trained. ”

“He tried to win the ball with both feet unite, but when he did he was no longer able to move freely. Suarez was successfully menggoceknya again,” he said about the second goal Suarez.

According Hoddle, PSG coach Laurent Blanc should start considering to play Luiz is not in a position as a center back but only as a defensive midfielder who has also acted in Chelsea’s Brazilian defender. “He was a weakness in the back. It’s always like that. You have to find a place for him in the middle or even at right back.”

Thierry Henry, the former Barca striker towering with Arsenal and now also become analysts Sky, a little defensively Luiz and prefer to question the policy Blanc down.

“If David Luiz is not fit enough to perform since the early minutes, why he played as a substitute after 21 minutes? From the coaching standpoint, why is it played? If he is not fit enough to play from the beginning, why even lowered?” he said.

Daily Mail columnist who was also present in the studio Sky, Jamie Redknapp, also agrees Henry assessment. However, he also stated that Luiz is error prone.

“I agree (with Henry), but I also had never seen him do anything like that each weekly in the Premier League. That’s one reason Chelsea rush off. Sometimes, in terms of defense, it is a vulnerability,” said Redknapp.